AUSUFERN: Wir sind Volker
Lupita Pulpo

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1. June 2017, 20.30 Uhr
2. June 2017, 20.30 Uhr
4. June 2017, 19.00 Uhr

What does it mean to become a group? What dis/connects us? What can we imagine together, and what would we prefer not to? Do I want to be a „part“ of a group at all? „Wir sind Volker“ revolves around these questions. It is a new piece that choreographers Ayara Hernández Holz and Felix Marchand aka Lupita Pulpo are creating on behalf of and together with the group Fundbüro in the heating house of the Uferstudios. Fundbüro consists of 13 Berliners varying in age from early 20s to late 70s, with different professions, interests and nationalities. Most of them met at ATLAS Berlin, a project by the Portuguese artists Ana Borralho and João Galante, which premiered at AUSUFERN in July 2016 and brought together on stage 100 Berliners. The experience of ATLAS inspired some of the participants to came together to continue working. In their discussions the theme of the ‘group’ became central: how can a group develop, especially if people come from different cultures, professional fields and generations? To what extent are group processes also representing social processes? Subsequently Fundbüro commissioned Lupita Pulpo to develop a piece about this topic together with them. The artists set in motion a choreographed, at times asynchronous choir. With movement, text, songs, dances and a little costume "We are Volker" brings light into the dark of group processes. This performance development is inspired by the principle of „New Patrons“, where citizens come together and decide upon a topic, which they regard as relevant in their lives, and which should be made visible as an art project. Through a moderated process, an assignment is formulated and a commission given to an artist.


Choreography: Lupita Pulpo (Ayara Hernández Holz & Felix Marchand). On behalf of: Fundbüro. Music & Choir conducting: Ulrike Ertl. Piano: Ivan Ertl. Production & Dramaturgical advice: Veronika Bökelmann. Performer: Fundbüro (A. Baddour, A. Ohse, A. Bihari, E. Günther, L. Uria, M. Wollny, M. .Janssen, N. Nikolic, S. Scheliga, S. Kucalovic, T. Vukmirovic, U. Ulisis, V. Sobottke). Texts: Fundbüro

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