1. June 2017 – 2. October 2017

During the first four days of each month, for free and inside as well as outside

AUSUFERN is coming back! Following up the successful run of AUSUFERN in 2016 we once again invite you to experience a range of art projects in and around the Uferstudios, from June until October 2017. During the first four days of each month, AUSUFERN presents art projects engaging with the diverse urban district.

Subversion, reversal, games with assumed borders and crossing boundries with intent are the running themes that characterise the 2017 programm.

AUSUFERN 2017 is realised by and together with over 40 artists living in Berlin as well as several international guests and their projects within the fields of dance/ choreography, performance and music.


Program: Eva-Maria Hoerster

Production: Annette van Zwoll

Funded by: Berlin's Senate Department for Culture and Europe

Foto ohne LOGO Sommerpr Anna Kopie 6
10. June 2017 – 17. June 2017

Sieben Studierende des Masterstudiengangs Choreographie (maC) am Hochschulübergreifenden Zentrum Tanz (HZT) Berlin zeigen ihre künstlerischen Abschlussarbeiten. Zwei Doppelabende in den Uferstudios, eine Arbeit im bat Studiotheater, eine Installation im Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik sowie eine Aufführung im Windkanal Adlershof sind geprägt von den individuellen künstlerischen Positionen und Handschriften der Studierenden. Sie wohnen der Begegnung von Tanz und Musik im farbigen Licht bei und sehen ein Studie über die Anmut des menschlichen Körpers, Sie erleben einen Kampf den widrigen Umständen und erhalten Einblick in ein dementes Gehirn, Sie begeben sich auf die Spur von (Über)Resten in einen Windkanal und bewegen sich schließlich durch eine choreographische Sicht auf Amerika. Wir freuen uns, Ihnen unsere Absolventen vorzustellen - mit sieben persönlichen Antworten auf die Frage, was Choreographie sein kann.

Yuko Matsuyama: SPUR[¨EN] - Between Dark and Light
I Jung Lim: Eine Studie über die verschiedenen Positionen der Wirbelsäule in Verbindung zur Anmut des menschlichen Körpers
10./11. Juni um 19 Uhr (Doppelabend)
Uferstudio 14

Carina Otte: Wo sie gestern sein werden
16./17. Juni um 19 Uhr (Doppelabend)
Uferstudio 14


3 maC Master Projects will take place outside of Uferstudios:

Leonie Graf: Rest - eine Choreographie für zwei Tänzerinnen
26.-29. Juni um 20 Uhr
Großer Windkanal Adlershof

Kai Evans: After America
5./6. Juli um 20 Uhr
ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik

Romy Schwarzer: a place to hide :: a place to forget
7./8. Juli um 20 Uhr
bat Studiotheater der HfS Ernst Busch

More information on these projects can be found on the HZT website.

29. June 2017 – 2. July 2017

“Open Spaces” and “Sommer Tanz” are working hand-in-hand again this summer on stage and in the studios of Tanzfabrik Berlin. This is a duo that really has it! Exciting premieres and rehearsal visits with international choreographers and dancers accompany diverse workshops with acclaimed teachers from all over the world in Kreuzberg and Wedding. Our studios will once more become open spaces for experimenting with movement, reflection and for exchanging ideas with one another.

The performance program extends over three weekends in June and July with numerous performances and presents insights into the making of contemporary dance by young, emerging artists that Tanzfabrik has been supporting for years. There are a great number of differences in the work of Rosalind Crisp, Sergiu Matis, Karol Tyminski and Andrew Wass. At their core, however, they are connected by the desire to free themselves from a style of training that restricts the body in its options. Their performances during “Open Spaces” vividly demonstrate how different the search for an innate movement can be; regardless of whether this is used in conjunction with improvisation, daily dance practice or the creation of performances and choreo- graphies: virtuosity beyond entrenched training techniques - a field of research that Tanzfabrik explores together with its protagonists.

“Time to Meet” is an exchange format with a special face that turns itself to the people behind the artists. This summer, there will be multiple opportunities to look behind the scenes and get to know Rosalind Crisp, David Bloom, Ellinor Ljungkvist, Colette Sadler, Renae Shadler and Julian Weber with insight into their work and through conversation.
With “mapping dance berlin”, Tanzbüro Berlin provides the framework for the conversations with the audiences during Open Spaces. Using new formats, Tanzfabrik Berlin allows the audience to immerse themselves even more deeply into the experience of choreographic practice.

The workshops will take place during the last three weeks of July, with a range of formats for all levels of experience and many teachers that are also choreographers and performers. A program of talks and lectures will deepen and illuminate these intensive working phases.

During the last years „Sommer Tanz“ has continuously expanded its programme of integrated dance workshops, inviting both participants and teachers of physical diversity into the workshops. This is also one of the main reasons, why one part of the workshop programme is taking place at the wheelchair accessible Tanzfabrik Wedding in Uferstudios. We are very happy to acknowledge that every year a growing number of workshops and teachers are opening up to physical diversity. And, slowly but surely, each year we welcome a few more participants with disabilities that trust us enough to often really jump into the unknown.

Here’s to inspiration and excellent exchange!
Ludger Orlok, Christa Flaig, Gabriele Reuter and the Tanzfabrik Berlin Team

S.o.S. - Students on Stage
MAY 27th 5:00 + 8:30 PM, MAY 28th 8:30 PM, Uferstudio 7
On a Clear Day - Milla Koistinen 
MAY 28th - 31th, 7 PM, Uferstudio 1
An interdisciplinary series produced by Uferstudios GmbH in the period June 1st till October 4th, 2017
JUNE 1st - 4th 2017

Free Admission!